When an employers motive are wrong and right

California law prohibits an employer from taking an adverse action against an employee “because of” any of several factors, including race, religion, age, sex, disability or medical condition. Someone who believes that he or she faced such employment discrimination may sue an employer and seek various remedies. One issue that may arise in such cases is a so-called “mixed-motive” actions by the … Read More

Employment law claims brought against McDonald’s in California

McDonald’s restaurants are currently facing several wage and hour suits alleging violation of state and federal employment laws. The McDonald’s restaurant chain is known all over the world, and those golden arches are likely one of the most recognizable branding symbols ever. With that level of popularity comes inevitable dissatisfaction from some portion of the population; after all, as the … Read More

Will Supreme Court ruling impact public sector employee rights?

Employee unions provide important protections to public sector workers in California. However, a recent ruling has some commentators worried. Discover why. For many readers, the need for employee labor unions may be self-evident. From the poetic narrative of John Steinbeck to recent media coverage of labor disputes, the plight of the unprotected worker against corporate America has become part of … Read More

No Snooze Button On California Wage And Hour Laws: “On Call” Hours Count

According to a new ruling by the California Supreme Court, employees on call must be paid even during “sleep time.”  Many occupations and industries require unusual hours. Healthcare, transportation, security, and many other industries involve work hours during which the majority of the population is asleep. Some of these positions may involve “on call” hours, in which an employee may … Read More