What is Paternity Leave in California?

What is Paternity Leave in California - Employee Rights Lawyer Glendale

In the state of California, paternity leave is a right under the law – but what are your rights, and what can you do if your employer denies them? Here’s what you need to know. What is Paternity Leave in California? Paternity leave is a type of leave from work that many new fathers are entitled to. Typically, biological, adoptive … Read More

What Are Permanent Disability Benefits?

What Are Permanent Disability Benefits

If you’re like many people in California who have suffered a permanent, work-related injury or health condition, you could be entitled to permanent disability benefits. But what are permanent disability benefits, and how much are you supposed to receive? Here’s what you need to know. What Are Permanent Disability Benefits? Permanent disability benefits are a type of payment that some … Read More

Troester v. Starbucks: California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Employees Again

On the Federal level, 2018 has not been a great year for employees’ rights. On May 21, 2018 the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”) issued a ruling, which struck a significant blow to the rights of employees to pursue collective actions in response to legal violations surrounding their employment in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis (2018); employees across … Read More

California Employee Rights Handbook: The Scoop for Employees

California Employee Rights Handbook - The Inside Scoop From an Employment Lawyer

In California, employees have rights – and this is an overview of what you, as a nonexempt employee, are entitled to when you work in this state. Your employee rights include: Freedom from harassment, discrimination and retaliation Fair pay, including commissions and overtime Safe working conditions Rest and meal breaks Paid leave, when appropriate Freedom from wrongful termination California Employee … Read More

CA Employee Rights

CA Employee Rights - Glendale Employee Rights Lawyer

California employee rights are a little more encompassing than federal employee rights are – but if you’re an employee in this state, what are you entitled to? CA Employee Rights at Work In the state of California, employees have a right to: Equal pay Meal and rest breaks Paid leave, in some cases Overtime pay Be free from discrimination You’re … Read More

At-Will Employment Basics From a Glendale Employment Lawyer

At-Will Employment Basics From a Glendale Employment Lawyer

In the state of California, most workers are considered “at-will” employees. But what does that mean to you, and how can you tell if it even applies in your situation? What is At-Will Employment? An at-will employee is a worker who’s free to quit any time he or she wants to. On the same token, that worker’s employer is free … Read More

Not a “New” Overtime Law, but How Does Overtime Work in California?

New Overtime Law - What You Need to Know in California

In California, there isn’t a new overtime law – but in 2018, there are several overtime rules in place to protect workers. Not a “New” Overtime Law, but How Does Overtime Work in California? California overtime law says that non-exempt employees aged 18 or over, or minor employees who are 16 or 17 but aren’t required to attend school and … Read More

Pregnancy Discrimination: It Happens More Often Than You Think

Pregnancy discrimination is like an unchecked wildfire in the American workplace, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street – and it seems to be getting worse. It occurs when a pregnant woman or even a new mom is passed over for promotion, doesn’t get the raise she deserves, or gets fired for complaining about either of those things; it happens when … Read More

The Epic Systems Case

Its Effect on the Employee, and It’s Effect on California Law At Yeremian Law, we pride ourselves on keeping our thumb on the pulse of all things related to Labor Law. This approach to the practice of law has enabled us to stay ahead of the curve and provide superior service to our clients. On May 21, 2018, the Supreme … Read More