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If you have been treated unfairly by an employer because of your age, it is important to know that age discrimination is against the law in California, which is why the attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. are dedicated to insuring equality for all, in all work environments.

Our firm focuses on enforcing employment law throughout the Los Angeles area. Our dedicated and experienced lawyers are available around the clock to help you understand your rights as an employee. It does not matter where you work or whom you work for. With years of experience in employment law, we are able to convincingly settle age discrimination cases to ensure our clients are given the respect they deserve from their employer, and are compensated for any discriminatory acts.

The lawyers in our firm represent clients from every walk of life, of varying ages, to ensure that the Los Angeles community is being treated fairly and that age discrimination does not impede employment opportunities. We offer free consultations and provide personal attention to each case, so our clients know that we are representing them with integrity, honesty and compassion at every turn. Our attorneys are responsible for numerous judgments against California employers who disobeyed the law and discriminated against our clients. It is our goal to make sure everyone is treated fairly in the workplace, despite their age, and if you are not we will design the appropriate, strategic defense on your behalf.

What is Age Discrimination?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects individuals in California and throughout the country who are ages 40 and over from employment discrimination because of age. Under this law, it is illegal to discriminate against a person because of his or her age with respect to any privilege, terms or conditions of employment, including:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Firing
  • Hiring
  • Job Assignments
  • Layoffs
  • Promotions
  • Training

If you feel you have suffered from age discrimination by being laid off or reassigned because of your age, it is important that you contact one of the experienced lawyers at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. to discuss the process of holding your employer accountable for their violation of this important employment law.

Employers are aware that age discrimination is illegal, but it does not stop them from targeting their aged-40 and above employees in an effort to save money, reduce pension payouts or simply to pay less to a younger individual. Any of these instances are age discrimination and are only the beginning of our strategic defense arguments against the offenders.

Partnering with a Premier Los Angeles, California Firm

The attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. are experienced professionals who focus solely on employment law. This means that our superb team of lawyers knows exactly when an employer is violating a local Los Angeles or California law, as well as when a federal law has been broken, at the expense of an employee.

We take age discrimination very seriously, as those who are affected by the offenders typically have families, homes, vehicles and retirement benefits that should not be compromised by a knee-jerk reaction of their employer. These violations can result in serious charges against the employer at fault, and when proven by our accomplished staff, will result in compensation to our clients that will allow them to rest more easily.

Age Discrimination is Against the Law

If you or a loved one have been affected by age discrimination in the workplace, it is important that you partner with a qualified and experienced firm to ensure your rights are upheld earnestly.

Contact one of our employment attorneys in Los Angeles today at 818-230-8380 to ensure that you are being treated with respect, dignity and honor in the workplace while being allowed to do the job you were hired to do.


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