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The California labor law is put in place to protect employees from hazardous conditions, while ensuring they are paid properly, making it our duty as attorneys to enforce those laws when they have been violated by employers.

At David Yeremian & Associates, Inc., we are committed to the ethical and fair treatment of California employees by their employers. It is absolutely our duty as professional partners in the community to ensure that employees across the state are receiving a lawful wage, while being provided with a safe place of employment during their time on the clock. When employers overwork and underpay their employees it creates a disturbing and unethical work environment for everyone involved. Our stance as California attorneys is that the employees in our state deserve better, and we are going to make sure they get it.

Our firm will provide free consultations to individuals whose labor law rights have been violated in any capacity. Whether you work in agriculture, talent or the garment industries, it is absolutely important that you are working at a legally representative wage, and within the hours that are permitted by the law. It is also important that you are working in a safe environment at all times. Although each industry differs, our experienced and dedicated attorneys will provide personal attention to your case, while holding your employer responsible for any labor law violations. We will fight on your behalf to ensure you receive financial compensation for your employer’s illegal actions, so you can get your life back on track.

What is the Labor Law in California?

Our Los Angeles attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in California labor law, which allows us to hold the offending parties responsible for their violations in the form of financial restitution to the employee.

The Labor Law affects:

  • Hours
  • Wages
  • Working Conditions

These three categories open up to an entirely different set of subcategories including wage theft, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, safety and health protection, injury causes and operating rules to ensure that all employees are being treated and paid fairly under the California labor law.

When an employer violates any of these segments, you may have a case to pursue a financial settlement in the California court of law. Companies who take advantage of their employees’ situations and exploit their kindness and need for employment are especially heartbreaking to our firm. Our attorneys believe in fair compensation for a reasonable work day, and we are not the only ones who are ethically bound to this approach in the workplace. The state of California agrees whole-heartedly with safety and fairness in the workplace, which is why we are so successful in our cases against employers when they violate those terms of the labor law. The state of California will not tolerate breaches in labor law, and neither will the attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc..

Dedicated to Enforcing Labor Law in Los Angeles, California

California is a large state, and the employers in Los Angeles alone employ millions of employees, making labor law applicable to many companies in the area. With a clear and decisive approach to labor law, California has delivered swift judgments to those who have decided against upholding their responsibilities as employers in our community. For those who continue to operate outside of the law, the attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. will pursue legal action against them on behalf of our clients.

The labor law exists for a number of reasons, and it is important to us that employer’s uphold their obligation to enforce it company-wide. When they do not, we will use our experience and dedication to our clients to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve as a result of any employer’s oversight of the terms of the California labor law.

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If you or a loved one have been underpaid, overworked or asked by an employer to operate in an unsafe environment at any time, it is important that you retain representation from one of our attorneys today.

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