What is LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace?

What is LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace?

The state of California has enacted laws to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination and persecution – and if an employer (prospective, current or past) has violated your rights and treated you unfairly, you could help prevent it from happening again by talking to an LGBT discrimination lawyer in Glendale or Los Angeles.

What is LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace?

LGBT discrimination in the workplace happens far more frequently than it should. As of last year, 25 percent of LGBT employees reported experiencing employment discrimination within the past five years. The other statistics are just as alarming:

  • 27% of transgender people who had or applied for a job in 2017 said they were not hired, denied a promotion or fired because of their gender identity
  • 10% of transgender people have quit a job because of an unwelcoming environment
  • 8% of LGBT employees say that discrimination negatively affects their work environments
  • More than 75% of transgender employees actively take steps to avoid being mistreated in the workplace

LGBT discrimination occurs when you’re denied employment, fired, passed over for promotion, or denied compensation (or be compensated improperly) because of your sexual orientation, gender or expressed gender, or relationship status. It also occurs when you’re harassed in the workplace or forced to work in a hostile work environment. You can’t be discriminated against for being in a same-sex relationship, for gender reassignment (or because you will have gender reassignment in the future) – no matter what your employer’s personal stance is on the issues.

Several factors can contribute to a hostile work environment, including:

  • Physical harassment
  • Verbal harassment
  • Written harassment (to include emails and text messages)
  • Visual harassment
  • Sexual advances

California is one of a handful of states that have laws in place to prevent workplace discrimination toward the LGBT community. But unfortunately, many Americans are losing their jobs, missing out on promotions, and suffering through abuse at work based on characteristics that have absolutely nothing to do with their job performance.

While many employers do take steps to provide adequate LGBT protections at work, there are employers that lag behind – and those that don’t pay much attention to discrimination laws at all.

Real-Life Examples of LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

Vandy Beth Glenn was fired for being transgender. “[My boss] told me I would make other people uncomfortable, just by being myself. He told me that my transition was unacceptable. And over and over, he told me it was inappropriate. Then he fired me. I was escorted back to my desk, told to clean it out, then marched out of the building… I was devastated,” said Glenn.

Brook Waits was fired when her manager saw a photo of Brook and her girlfriend sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss. “I didn’t lose my job because I was lazy, incompetent, or unprofessional. Quite the contrary, I worked hard and did my job very well. However that was all discarded when my boss discovered I am a lesbian. In a single afternoon, I went from being a highly praised employee, to out of a job,” said Waits.

Michael Carney, a police officer, was denied reinstatement when he came out. “I’m a good cop. But I’ve lost two and a half years of employment fighting to get that job back because I’m gay… I’m proud to be Irish-American. I’m proud to be gay, and I’m proud to be a cop in Springfield, MA,” said Carney.

The sad truth is that this – and situations like these – happen far too often. If it’s happened to you, you may need to talk to an LGBT discrimination lawyer.

Do You Need to Talk to an LGBT Discrimination Lawyer?

If you’ve been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation, gender or gender expression, or for any other reason, we may be able to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Call us at 818-617-9713 or toll-free at 800-774-4163 for a free LGBT discrimination case review today. We’ll talk about the situation and, if possible, start moving forward so you can get justice.

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