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Pregnancy discrimination is not only against the law in California; it is also an unsettling and unfair practice, which is why the attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. are diligent in their response to employers who apply this approach unlawfully.

The Los Angeles based attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. know that raising a family is a tough obligation, especially when a woman is with child and juggling work, home, prenatal care and post-natal plans. Our experienced and compassionate lawyers understand that women worry about their absence from work after having a baby, and how it will affect their overall position with the company. The truth is, they shouldn’t be. Pregnancy discrimination is unlawful and unfair. Our dedicated attorneys are able to enforce the penalties of pregnancy discrimination flawlessly, thanks to our adept study of the laws that involve the protection of pregnant employees.

Our attorneys know how important motherhood is, and the time that accompanies the birth of a child is equally important to ensuring the health of everyone involved. If you or a loved one feels as if someone is tampering with your earning potential based on pregnancy discrimination, we want to help you fight back immediately. Our California attorneys provide free consultations to help explain the pregnancy discrimination law thoroughly; so together we are able to determine your personal situation and circumstances.

What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

In California and the United States, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act is outlined under the amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In that amendment, it is listed as unlawful to discriminate against anyone on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or medical conditions resulting from either of the aforementioned segments. The law is applicable to companies with 15 or more employees, including public, private, state and federal employees. This law also applies to labor organizations, staffing agencies and the federal government.

In short, it is illegal to treat a pregnant woman, or any woman who is affected by pregnancy related conditions, any differently than any other employee in the company. This includes altering their approach to:

  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Hiring
  • Maternity Leave
  • Their Ability to Work While Pregnant

Pregnancy affords women that same rights as everyone else within the company and vacation, seniority or pay cannot be affected negatively as a result. If you feel that someone has discriminated against you or a loved one based on pregnancy, it is important that you partner with qualified and experienced attorneys who can competently guide you through the litigation process.

Rely on Experience in Pregnancy Discrimination

Our California attorneys focus only on employment law, which means we are able to represent our clients with the most successful approach possible in their specific case. There are a number of indicators that pregnancy discrimination is happening, including:

  • Not being Hired because of Visibly being Pregnant
  • Not being Hired due to Likelihood of Becoming Pregnant (i.e., newly married women)
  • Being Fired After Announcing a Pregnancy
  • Being Fired After or During Maternity Leave
  • Receiving Docked Pay as the Result of Pregnancy

Employers often apply pregnancy discrimination tactics because they are overwhelmed financially and have to pay a temporary worker and the mother who is on maternity leave simultaneously. Some fear the loss of productivity, or that special concessions will need to be made upon the mother’s return. Whatever the case may be, pregnancy discrimination is against the law, and it is our goal to hold the offending parties responsible.

Our lawyers go out of their way to ensure the offending employers are held responsible for their actions by providing our clients with the compensation they deserve. If someone has hurt you or your family because of pregnancy discrimination, we want to help you regain your respect and integrity by holding them responsible in court.

Receive Peace of Mind by Calling Us Today

Pregnancy discrimination is not only illegal, it is upsetting. If your employer has slighted your integrity and ability to earn an income equal to that of everyone else in your position, simply because of your pregnancy, you have a right to demand a financial resolution in court.

Contact our accomplished and compassionate Los Angeles based attorneys of David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. today at 818-230-8380, and allow us to fight for you and your baby’s financial freedom going forward.


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