What Are Adverse Employment Actions?

What Are Adverse Employment Actions - Glendale Employment Attorney

What are adverse employment actions, and what happens if they end up being illegal? Here’s what you need to know. What Are Adverse Employment Actions? Adverse employment actions are decisions that have a negative effect on an employee. Being fired is an adverse employment action; so is being demoted, transferred to a less-desirable position or location, or a denial of … Read More

Age Discrimination in California Workplaces

Age Discrimination in California - Glendale and LA Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

What is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act? The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 is designed to protect applicants and employees aged 40 and over from discrimination on the basis of age when it comes to: Hiring Promotion Discharge Compensation Terms, conditions or privileges of employment This federal law was created in response to “arbitrary age limits” that … Read More

Quid Pro Quo Harassment Examples

Quid Pro Quo Harassment Examples - Glendale Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you’re like many people who have been sexually harassed in the workplace (get the full sexual harassment definition here), you may be considering filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. When you talk to an attorney about your situation, he or she will ask you several questions – including what type of harassment you suffered and what’s happening now. One type … Read More

Sexual Harassment Definition

Sexual Harassment Definition - California Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a type of harassment in a workplace (or in some other situations) that involves unwanted sexual remarks or even sexual advances. But there’s more to it than that – and if you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Sexual Harassment Definition The definition of sexual harassment, according to the U.S. … Read More

What is Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace - Glendale Racial Discrimination Attorney

Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal—here in Glendale and everywhere else in the U.S.—but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. In fact, it happens far too often, resulting in disrupted lives, the loss of employment, and in many cases, the loss of faith in others’ humanity. If you’ve been a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, … Read More