What Happens to Employers That Intentionally Misclassify Employees in California?

What Happens to Employers That Intentionally Misclassify Employees in California - Los Angeles Employment Attorneys

Unfortunately, some employers misclassify their employees to get out of paying them appropriately, offering certain benefits, and ensuring that the workers get the labor rights they deserve. But what happens to employers that intentionally misclassify employees in California – do they get into trouble, and are they required to compensate their misclassified workers? Here’s what you need to know. What … Read More

Who is Subject to California’s Manner and Means Test?

Federal Manner and Means Test - Glendale Employment Lawyers

California’s manner and means test is a test that determines whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee – and that’s important, because contractors and employees are entitled to different protections when it comes to pay, benefits, and even discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Only some people are subject to the manner and means test; other workers … Read More

Overtime Laws

Overtime Laws - Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

If you’re an hourly worker in California, you need to know about overtime laws – what they are, which workers they protect, and who’s exempt from overtime law protections. This guide walks you through federal overtime laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, and California’s state laws. What Are Overtime Laws in the U.S.? Is overtime required by law? … Read More

What is Assembly Bill 5, and How Does it Affect Independent Contractors?

Small Business and AB-5 in California - Independent Contractors

The California Assembly’s most recent foray into gig work legislation – an attempt to help workers get the employee status they deserve, rather than allowing companies to consider them independent contractors just to save a few bucks – is based on a California Supreme Court decision on employee misclassification. What is Assembly Bill 5, and How Does it Affect Independent … Read More

California Employment Law Basics

California Employment Law Basics

California employment law covers a broad range of topics, but the underlying theme is that each piece of legislation is in place to protect workers in Glendale, Los Angeles and everywhere else in the state. The laws cover things like minimum wage, meal and rest breaks, and overtime pay, as well as salary classifications (contractor vs. employee) and several other … Read More