5 Federal Employment Laws That Protect California Workers

5 Federal Employment Laws That Protect California Workers - Yeremian Law, Glendale and LA Employment Lawyers

The federal government has a series of laws designed to protect workers all over the country – and California is no exception. Although we have our own laws to protect workers (and often, those laws offer greater protections to Californians than federal laws do), this guide explains some of the most important federal laws that protect workers’ rights. 5 Federal … Read More

Overtime Laws

Overtime Laws - Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

If you’re an hourly worker in California, you need to know about overtime laws – what they are, which workers they protect, and who’s exempt from overtime law protections. This guide walks you through federal overtime laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, and California’s state laws. What Are Overtime Laws in the U.S.? Is overtime required by law? … Read More

What is Wrongful Dismissal?

What is Wrongful Dismissal - Glendale Employment Lawyer

California employment law is very clear: Wrongful dismissal is illegal. But what is wrongful dismissal, and what can you do if your employer illegally fires you? What is Wrongful Dismissal? Wrongful dismissal, typically called wrongful termination, is what occurs when an employer fires or terminates an employee for reasons involving discrimination, whistleblowing, or making complaints about discrimination. It can also … Read More