Forms of Discrimination in American Workplaces

Forms of Discrimination in American Workplaces - California Employment Attorney

There are several forms of discrimination that take shape in workplaces all over the country – but what are they, and would you know how to recognize them if you saw them? Forms of Discrimination in American Workplaces The most common forms of discrimination in California workplaces – and across the rest of the country – include: Age discrimination Disability … Read More

What is Language Discrimination?

What is Language Discrimination - Los Angeles Employment Attorneys

Language discrimination is an unfair – and often illegal – employment practice that affects many Californians. But what is language discrimination, and what does it look like in action? Here’s what you need to know: Language discrimination can be a form of national origin discrimination Employers must treat applicants and employees fairly when it comes to the languages they speak … Read More

What is National Origin Discrimination?

What is National Origin Discrimination - Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

National origin discrimination can be incredibly hurtful – and it’s also illegal. But what is national origin discrimination, and what can you do if you’ve been a victim of it? For most people, a good first step is to talk to an employment lawyer. What is National Origin Discrimination? National origin discrimination involves treating job applicants or employees unfavorably because … Read More

Sexual Harassment Definition

Sexual Harassment Definition - California Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a type of harassment in a workplace (or in some other situations) that involves unwanted sexual remarks or even sexual advances. But there’s more to it than that – and if you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Sexual Harassment Definition The definition of sexual harassment, according to the U.S. … Read More