Can My Employer Fire Me for Filing a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit?

Can My Employer Fire Me for Filing a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit - Discrimination Lawyers in LA

If you’re like many people, you’re not sure whether your employer can fire you if you file a workplace discrimination lawsuit – you’re not alone. In fact, the fear of being fired or treated unfairly after filing a complaint is often what keeps people from coming forward. However, you need to know that under California law, it’s illegal for an … Read More

Can Your Employer Fire You After Accusing You of Harassment?

If you’ve been accused of harassment at work – whether or not it’s true – can your employer legally fire you? This guide explains. Can Your Employer Fire You After Accusing You of Harassment? Employers are legally required to protect employees from harassment, and that may mean that if you’ve been accused of harassment, your employer can fire you. In … Read More

Can You Be Fired for Talking About Religion at Work?

Can You Be Fired for Talking About Religion at Work

If you’re like many people, your religion is a very important aspect of your life – but can you be fired for talking about religion at work? This guide explains this often-touchy subject. Can You Be Fired for Talking About Religion at Work? First things first: Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations for religious reasons. That means as long … Read More

7 Common Employment Law Issues

7 Common Employment Law Issues

Employment law issues run the complete range from discrimination and harassment at a job to unsafe conditions – but one thing remains the same: If your employer is violating a law, you have legal recourse. Here’s a look at some common employment law issues and what to do about them. 7 Common Employment Law Issues Seven of the most common … Read More

What Are Adverse Employment Actions?

What Are Adverse Employment Actions - Glendale Employment Attorney

What are adverse employment actions, and what happens if they end up being illegal? Here’s what you need to know. What Are Adverse Employment Actions? Adverse employment actions are decisions that have a negative effect on an employee. Being fired is an adverse employment action; so is being demoted, transferred to a less-desirable position or location, or a denial of … Read More

Laid Off vs. Fired: What Are the Differences?

Laid Off vs. Fired and Wrongful Termination

If you’re like many people, you know that wrongful termination is too common in California – and you may also know that it’s possible to be wrongfully terminated whether you’re fired or laid off. But what are the differences between being fired and laid off, and how can your situation affect a wrongful termination claim? Here’s what you need to … Read More

Labor Laws in California: Frequently Asked Questions

Labor Laws in California

Labor laws in California are generally more protective of workers than federal laws are – but what are your rights as an employee in California? How many days can you work in a row without a day off? Can you be fired without reason? This guide explains labor laws in California designed to protect workers and ensure that the state’s … Read More

Workers’ Rights in California: What Employees Need to Know

Workers' Rights in California

Workers’ rights in California are typically more protective than federal workers’ rights are – and in many cases, they’re more protective than other states, as well. But what rights do employees have in California, and how do they apply to you? Workers’ Rights in California Under federal and state laws, California employees have several rights. Here’s a quick breakdown of … Read More

What is Unfair Dismissal?

What is Unfair Dismissal - Glendale Unfair Dismissal Lawyer

If you’re like many people who have lost a job, you suspect that your firing was an unfair dismissal – but what is unfair dismissal, and what can you do if it’s happened to you? What is Unfair Dismissal? Unfair dismissal is another term for wrongful termination, which is a legal phrase in California that refers to an employer illegally … Read More

California Employee Rights Handbook: The Scoop for Employees

California Employee Rights Handbook - The Inside Scoop From an Employment Lawyer

In California, employees have rights – and this is an overview of what you, as a nonexempt employee, are entitled to when you work in this state. Your employee rights include: Freedom from harassment, discrimination and retaliation Fair pay, including commissions and overtime Safe working conditions Rest and meal breaks Paid leave, when appropriate Freedom from wrongful termination California Employee … Read More