Truck Driver Wage and Hour Claims

Truck drivers have often been classified as independent contractors, allowing their employers to avoid paying them overtime, reimbursing them for business expenses, or covering them under workers’ compensation, disability and unemployment insurance. However, this classification is often inaccurate.

At David Yeremian & Associates, Inc., a Glendale, California, employment law firm focusing on wage and hour issues, we fight for the rights of workers who are misclassified as independent contractors when they are actually employees. Our lawyers work hard, diligently examining the circumstances of our clients’ employment to craft persuasive arguments that help them secure the compensation they deserve for the long hours they put in.

Fighting For Drivers Classified As Independent Contractors

Many drivers have historically been considered independent contractors – largely because it is beneficial to employers. However, there are a variety of factors that often prove that drivers are actually employees of the companies they serve.

You may be misclassified as an independent contractor if:

  • You are unable to refuse loads.
  • Your truck is provided by your employer.
  • Your employer is deducting lease payments, maintenance costs and insurance costs from your wages.
  • You are unable to negotiate what you get paid per load.
  • You work only for one employer.

Recent case law in California confirms that many drivers are being misclassified as independent contractors. Even if you have signed an agreement labeling you as a contractor, the court can find that classification to be inaccurate.

At David Yeremian & Associates, we work hard to tip the scales of justice in favor of hardworking truck drivers who are being mistreated by their employers. Our attorneys are experienced in this area of law and have the skill necessary to help workers secure the compensation they deserve.

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