How Do You Prove Age Discrimination at Work?

In California, it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate against you because of your age if you’re over the age of 40 – both federal and state laws prohibit this type of discrimination. But unfortunately, it still happens. So how can you prove age discrimination at work? This guide explains. How Do You Prove Age Discrimination at Work? Age discrimination ... Read More

5 Federal Employment Laws That Protect California Workers

The federal government has a series of laws designed to protect workers all over the country – and California is no exception. Although we have our own laws to protect workers (and often, those laws offer greater protections to Californians than federal laws do), this guide explains some of the most important federal laws that protect workers’ rights. 5 Federal ... Read More

4 Things You Should Do if You’re Being Harassed at Work

If you’re being harassed at work for a discriminatory reason, you don’t have to take it – you have legal options. This guide explains the four things you should do if you’re being harassed (and why). 4 Things You Should Do if You’re Being Harassed at Work Workplace harassment takes many forms, and sometimes it’s not illegal (such as in ... Read More

Gender Identity and Gender Expression Discrimination and Harassment

If you’re like many people, you’re not exactly sure what legal protections exist to protect you from gender identity and gender expression discrimination. Only recently, new laws – and new interpretations of existing laws – have come into play to provide protections for the entire LGBTQIA+ community, including those with gender non-conforming and non-binary identities. This guide explains your rights ... Read More

What Can You Do About Sexual Orientation Discrimination?

Sexual orientation discrimination happens regularly – and although a U.S. Supreme Court case in 2020 ruled that unlawful discrimination based on “sex” includes sexual orientation and gender identity, it continues. But what can you do if you experience sexual orientation discrimination, and is there any legal recourse? This guide explains what you can do about sexual orientation discrimination in the ... Read More

Actions You Can Take After Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Nobody wants to be sexually harassed in the workplace – but unfortunately, it happens far more frequently than we’d like to believe. If you’ve been sexually harassed, it can make you feel powerless and alone at work, but this guide gives you some options on how to handle the situation so you can move forward. Actions You Can Take After ... Read More

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