When Should You Call a Los Angeles Labor Lawyer?

If you’re like many people, you could benefit from talking to a Los Angeles labor lawyer – but if you’re like most people, you don’t really know when to call, whether your employer has violated your rights, or what would happen if you talked to an attorney. This guide will walk you through when you should call a Los Angeles ... Read More

Minimum Wage for Servers in California

Minimum wage for servers in California is the same as it is elsewhere in the state – regardless of the fact that waiters and waitresses receive tips. Tips don’t count toward minimum wage for servers in California. Employers must pay them the state’s standard minimum wage. What You Need to Know About Minimum Wage for Servers in California Servers at ... Read More

Reporting Time Pay in the Retail Industry: An Analysis of Ward v. Tilly’s

This article will discuss a recent case out of the Second Appellate District of the California Court of Appeals, Ward v. Tilly’s, Inc. On February 4, 2019, the Court determined that an employee who works in retail is entitled to “reporting time pay”, when the employer schedules that employee for “on-call shifts” and requires that employee to call in two ... Read More

California Minimum Wage Increases January 1, 2019

California Minimum Wage Increases January 1, 2019: Your Legal Rights if Your Employer Fails to Compensate You At the New Minimum Wage Absent a few exceptions, employers are required to pay their employees minimum wage for all hours worked. While “all hours worked” has been the subject of much litigation, it is beyond the scope of this article. The California ... Read More

3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Unpaid Wages

When you work, you’re entitled to pay for what you’ve done – whether you’re an hourly worker, a salaried worker or someone who works for commissions. But sometimes employers don’t pay their employees for work performed. And if that’s happened to you, you may need to file a claim against your employer to get the money it owes you. 3 ... Read More

Hourly Employees Working Off the Clock

Hourly employees working off the clock, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, should usually be paid – and overtime rules should apply. Otherwise, the employer may be breaking the law. Hourly Employees Working Off the Clock: What Does That Really Mean? When hourly employees are working off the clock, it means they’re not working for pay. For example, when you ... Read More

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