Hourly Employees Working Off the Clock

Hourly Employees Working Off the Clock - Glendale Employment Lawyer

Hourly employees working off the clock, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, should usually be paid – and overtime rules should apply. Otherwise, the employer may be breaking the law. Hourly Employees Working Off the Clock: What Does That Really Mean? When hourly employees are working off the clock, it means they’re not working for pay. For example, when you … Read More

Do You Need to Work With an Unpaid Wages Lawyer?

Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Glendale, California

If you’re like many people whose employers have not paid for work performed, you know you could have an unpaid wages claim – but how much do you know about how these claims work and whether you need an unpaid wages lawyer? Here’s the scoop on what an unpaid wages lawyer will do for you. What Does an Unpaid Wages … Read More

What Are Unpaid Commissions?

What Are Unpaid Commissions - Glendale Employment Lawyer

Commissions are compensation paid to a person for sales-related activities they perform for a company – and unpaid commissions are a bigger problem than you think. When you enter into a written commission agreement with an employer, the employer is required to pay you what you’ve earned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. What Are Commissions? Commissions are wages … Read More

What is the Prevailing Wage?

What is the prevailing wage in California - Glendale Employment Lawyer

If you’re a worker who participated in a public works contract, you’re entitled to earn the pay and benefits paid to the majority of workers, laborers, and mechanics in the largest city in the county. That’s called the prevailing wage, and here’s how it works. What is the Prevailing Wage? The prevailing wage rate is the “basic hourly rate paid … Read More

California's Minimum Wage Went Up – Did Yours?

California's Minimum Wage Went Up - Did Yours - Glendale Employment Lawyer

California’s minimum wage went up on January 1, 2018. It’s now $10.50 per hour, and according to lawmakers, that figure is climbing its way to $15 per hour by 2022 – this is the first of several pay increases that the 2016 minimum wage law put into effect. The law affects everyone, but it’s staggered based on business type. Small … Read More

California Overtime Laws for Hourly Workers

California Overtime Laws for Hourly Workers in Glendale

In the state of California, employers are required to pay employees overtime – but how much, and when does it kick in over and above regular pay? California Overtime Laws for Hourly Workers The amount of overtime an employer owes an employee depends on the length of an employee’s shift and how many days the employee has worked during the … Read More

Fair Work Breaks for Hourly Factory and Warehouse Workers in California

Fair Work Breaks for Hourly Factory and Warehouse Workers in California

Fair work breaks for factory workers – you’d think that would be a given, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. Many factory workers are exploited and denied fair work breaks, even though the law is very clear. What Are Fair Work Breaks? In California, employers have to provide meal and rest breaks for employees. Here’s the breakdown on rest breaks: One 10-minute … Read More

Unpaid Expense Reimbursement

Unpaid Expense Reimbursement - Glendale Employment Lawyer

California employers are required to reimburse employees for business expenses, but things don’t always work out that way. Unfortunately, some employers try to pass off operating expenses on employees. Unpaid Expense Reimbursement in Glendale and Los Angeles The state has specific laws in place that give you, an employee, the right to be paid back for expenses you incur while … Read More

Unpaid Commissions

Unpaid commissions are a common type of wage claim in Glendale and the surrounding communities. If your employer owes you commissions but isn’t paying them, you may have legal recourse. While every case is different, it may be in your best interest to talk to an unpaid commissions attorney who can evaluate your situation and, if possible, represent your best … Read More

Unsafe Working Conditions: What You Need to Know

Unsafe Working Conditions - Glendale Employment Lawyer

If you’re like many people in Glendale, Los Angeles, and the surrounding communities, you’re familiar with unsafe working conditions. In fact, you may have even been subjected to unsafe conditions in your own workplace—but thanks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (and under the California Occupational Safety and Health Act), your employer is required to minimize risk and provide … Read More