What is Transgender Discrimination?

What is Transgender Discrimination

Transgender discrimination is illegal – and if you feel you’ve been a victim of it, you could have legal options. What is Transgender Discrimination? Transgender discrimination is a serious issue in the U.S., with as many as 78 percent of all transgender people reporting that they’ve experienced at least one type of harassment or mistreatment at work. It can involve … Read More

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

  Racial discrimination in the workplace is a very real problem in the United States. Sometimes it’s easy to spot – but other times, it’s subtle enough that you’re not sure it actually happened. So how can you tell if you’ve been a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace? Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: What You Need to Know … Read More

What is Unfair Dismissal?

What is Unfair Dismissal - Glendale Unfair Dismissal Lawyer

If you’re like many people who have lost a job, you suspect that your firing was an unfair dismissal – but what is unfair dismissal, and what can you do if it’s happened to you? What is Unfair Dismissal? Unfair dismissal is another term for wrongful termination, which is a legal phrase in California that refers to an employer illegally … Read More

Discrimination for a Medical Condition

If you have a health condition, you could be protected against discrimination under federal and California law – but not everyone with a medical condition is considered disabled. Here’s what you need to know before you call a Glendale employment discrimination lawyer. Discrimination for a Medical Condition Unfortunately, some employers discriminate against people who have medical conditions. In order for … Read More

What is FEHA?

What is FEHA - Glendale Employment Lawyer

The Fair Employment and Housing Act, or FEHA, is a law that protects employees from discrimination, harassment and retaliation at work. It applies to all employers that have five or more full-time or part-time workers – and the anti-harassment provisions in the law apply to all employers with one or more employees. What is FEHA? FEHA prevents discrimination related to: … Read More

What is LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace?

What is LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace?

The state of California has enacted laws to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination and persecution – and if an employer (prospective, current or past) has violated your rights and treated you unfairly, you could help prevent it from happening again by talking to an LGBT discrimination lawyer in Glendale or Los Angeles. What is LGBT Discrimination in … Read More

What is Disability Discrimination?

Disability Discrimination - Los Angeles and Glendale Employment Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of disability discrimination, you know it’s an awful feeling – but what you may not know is that you could be entitled to financial compensation under federal and state laws. What is Disability Discrimination in the Workplace? Disability discrimination in the workplace occurs when an employer treats a qualified individual with a disability – whether … Read More

Were You Unfairly Fired From Your Job?

Unfairly Fired in Glendale or LA - California Employment Law

If your employer unfairly fired you in the state of California, you may have a wrongful termination claim. But what does that mean, and what would be the benefit of you for filing a lawsuit? This guide explains: What it means if you’re unfairly fired from your job What the law considers wrongful termination What happens when discrimination is involved … Read More

What is Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace - Glendale Racial Discrimination Attorney

Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal—here in Glendale and everywhere else in the U.S.—but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. In fact, it happens far too often, resulting in disrupted lives, the loss of employment, and in many cases, the loss of faith in others’ humanity. If you’ve been a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, … Read More

Religious Discrimination in the Workplace (and Why You May Need a Religious Discrimination Lawyer)

Religious Discrimination Case in Glendale or Los Angeles

Religious discrimination is against the law—but unfortunately, it still happens in Glendale, Los Angeles, and other communities throughout California. What is Religious Discrimination? Religious discrimination, as it applies to the workplace, involves treating someone unfavorably simply because of his or her religious beliefs. How Religious Discrimination is Illegal Federal and state laws on religious discrimination are very clear: An employer … Read More