Sexual Harassment Lawyer Los Angeles

Sexual harassment of an employee, an applicant for employment, or independent contractor is prohibited under California and Federal employment laws.[i] Sexual harassment is explicitly illegal under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. A majority of cases of sexual harassment involve people who cannot control their sexual impulses and desires. Typically, these people are in positions of power—like managers and … Read More

Religious Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles

Religious discrimination is upsetting to the victim’s personal beliefs, morals and ethical standing which is why the Los Angeles attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. are determined to hold employers responsible for committing this crime. When the harmony and diversification of our community is distressed by religious discrimination in the workplace it is not only disconcerting, it is illegal. … Read More

Racial Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles

Racial discrimination in Los Angeles requires an unrelenting approach in court from attorneys who understand that the prejudice treatment of any individual in the workplace will not be tolerated by California law. The Los Angeles based attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. are adept and accomplished at handling racial discrimination cases in the state of California. We have more … Read More

LGBT Rights Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles

LGBT Rights discrimination differs in each state, but in our city of Los Angeles and the state of California the laws are clear in the fact that they do not tolerate the illegal persecution of anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment. As Los Angeles based attorneys it is our duty at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. … Read More

Labor Law Lawyer Los Angeles

The California labor law is put in place to protect employees from hazardous conditions, while ensuring they are paid properly, making it our duty as attorneys to enforce those laws when they have been violated by employers. At David Yeremian & Associates, Inc., we are committed to the ethical and fair treatment of California employees by their employers. It is … Read More

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles

Employment discrimination is a federal crime, and requires the skill and determination of a qualified Los Angeles attorney to enforce these federal statutes in pursuit of our clients’ financial recovery. At David Yeremian & Associates, Inc., our employment discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles focus on the law as it pertains to employees whose company meets the standards outlined by federal … Read More

FMLA Denial Lawyer Los Angeles

Have You Been Unlawfully Denied Leave Under Either the FMLA or the CFRA? The protection of employee health and welfare is an important part of our society and our economy.  For this reason, both the federal government and the State of California have created statutory provisions allowing qualified employees to take time off to deal with either family or personal … Read More

Age Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles

If you have been treated unfairly by an employer because of your age, it is important to know that age discrimination is against the law in California, which is why the attorneys at David Yeremian & Associates, Inc. are dedicated to insuring equality for all, in all work environments. Our firm focuses on enforcing employment law throughout the Los Angeles … Read More