Lunch Break Laws in California

Lunch Break Laws in California

Whether you’re working at a restaurant in Glendale or a large warehouse in Los Angeles, lunch break laws in California protect you in ways that federal laws don’t. Lunch break laws in California require workers to: Provide you with a 30-minute meal break after you’ve worked 5 hours Provide you with a second 30-minute meal break after you’ve worked 10 … Read More

Did You Experience Sexual Harassment While Working for Uber?

If you’re like many Uber employees—and employees across several industries in Glendale and the surrounding communities—you have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to experience sexual harassment. It’s not right, and it’s not fair. But you may have legal recourse if you were sexually harassed by a coworker or a supervisor while working for Uber. What is Sexual Harassment Under … Read More

Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry: What You Need to Know

Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry - Silicon Valley Sexual Harassment Lawyers

  Sexual harassment in the tech industry is a lot more common than you think—some studies have shown that about 60 percent of all the women in the field have experienced unwanted sexual advances. Thirty-nine percent of the women in that study didn’t report the harassment because they were afraid it would hurt their careers. Of the remaining women who … Read More

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment in California

Federal and California laws explicitly forbid quid pro quo sexual harassment in the state of California — but what is it, and what should you do if you’ve been a victim of it? What is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment? Quid pro quo sexual harassment generally occurs when some kind of benefit is offered in exchange for some form of … Read More

Hostile Work Environment – Sexual Harassment Lawyer Los Angeles

What are you supposed to do when your coworkers create a hostile work environment through harassment? Do you have to deal with it just so you can keep your job? Is there anything you can do to stop the harassment without taking legal action, and if there isn’t, where can you turn? You need to know that you’re not alone … Read More

Sexual Harassment Law – L.A. and Glendale Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment law can be complicated, but one thing is certain: it’s illegal to sexually harass someone in the workplace. If it’s happened to you, or if you’ve seen it happen to someone else, you may want to talk to a Glendale sexual harassment lawyer about your situation. A Word on Sexual Harassment Law Many people mistakenly think that sexual … Read More

California Employee Rights – Los Angeles Employment Attorney

In the state of California, it’s illegal for your employer to fire you for the wrong reasons — even if you’re an at-will employee working without any type of employment contract. If you believe your employer illegally fired you, you may want to contact a Los Angeles employment attorney who understands the laws… and who’s willing to fight hard for … Read More

Employment FAQ – Wrongful Termination Lawyer Glendale

If you’ve been fired from your job but you believe your employer acted illegally, you may need to talk to a wrongful termination lawyer serving Glendale and Los Angeles. The state of California has legal protections in place to preserve workers’ rights — and your employer can’t fire you for reasons of discrimination, retaliation, or your refusal to commit an … Read More

Employment Contracts vs. At-Will Employment: Know Your Rights

If you work in Glendale, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, you have employee rights — and thanks to those rights, your employer can’t legally fire you for whistleblowing, refusing to participate in illegal activities, or for reasons involving discrimination. Your employer can’t fire you for making discrimination complaints or complaints about unlawful conduct, either. Firing you for any of … Read More

So you are an independent contractor – maybe?

So the church budget is tight-when is it not-but the days of volunteers keeping the church facilities clean is obviously over. Time to hire someone to keep the place clean. For some churches, an obvious choice may be to hire someone as an independent contractor. No withholding for federal or state income taxes, no withholding for FICA, no fringe benefits, … Read More